Stay On Top Of Your Game & On The Ball


About On The Ball Mindset Planner

The On The Ball Mindset Planner was created by professional footballer Kenji Gorré who is passionate about supporting athletes to stay on top of their game on and off the pitch. On The Ball is about finding out who you are beyond the pitch. Who you really are at your core.

You might think you currently have a good grasp of who you are, but what you know now and believe to be true is about to take on a whole new meaning. Our beliefs are formed throughout our lifetime and inform the way we think and act. They’ve been passed down to us by those who brought us up, those who we spend most of our time with, the things we read, see and hear.

When you don’t work on your internal self every day, the thoughts and opinions of others become yours, because you aren’t allowing time for your own thoughts and feelings to come to the surface. Kenji Gorré created On The Ball to help you release old patterns and beliefs that are currently holding you back, and to help you step out into your true & best self.

The On The Ball Mindset Planner Includes: 

Goal Setting
Daily morning & evening journal prompts
Undated 90 pages so you can begin any time of the year
Monthly Analysis: including On The Ball Chart Assessment
Monthly Pages help you align to long-term goals and strategically think ahead

There are three parts to “On The Ball” Mindset Planner:


Life Review

Access the major areas of your life and how to improve them: relationships, career, spirituality, personal growth, finances & health You’ll also complete a goal setting exercise, which will support you in feeling focused and productive.

Monthly Analysis

The monthly analysis will support you in reflecting and reviewing each month so you know where you have improved and what you still need to improve on.

Daily Tasks

Each day starts with 3 questions which will support you in feeling grateful, grounded and focused. Each evening ends with 4 questions which will elevate your personal growth.

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