Carlo Chincarini aka the Kingmaker


Carlo Chincarini is a Multi Award-Winning Coach who specialises in Peak Mental Performance Coaching in sport, business and life.


Inside this 3-part video series, Carlo will be sharing with you how to gain absolute confidence, certainty and clarity so you can show up as Kings in all areas of your life.

These 3 videos are going to add massive value to your life.

In Training 1, you’re going to hear about injuries in a completely different way to what you’re used to.

In Training 2, Carlo is sharing how you can use creative thought for your success.

In the 3rd and final training, you’re going to understand your habits like you never have before.

Disclaimer: you’re probably going to hear truths that you don’t like and that hit hard, but this is going to help you hit your goals so much faster and allow you to be who you really want to become.

ALL of these trainings come with a bonus audio track to support you further in meditating, visualising and achieving incredible success.

Training 1 : KingMaker Injuries Mindset

Training 2 : KingMaker Creative Thought

Training 3 : KingMaker Habits